Upcoming Trends For Event Venues

Trends in every industry change and there are studies being conducted about it. This applies to the event management industry as well. An insight to how professional feels and the expectations of the consumers are being very carefully studied. This guide will discuss a few upcoming trends that affect function rooms in Melbourne which will help you bear in mind that these things need to be considered too.


Hotels and their ballrooms are still one of the favourite choices of the majority of the public. However, this has not stopped organizing committees arrange the event at locations such as museums, art galleries and theaters. The organizing party that chooses theses locations prefer to bring out the uniqueness which will ensure that the guests will remember about that occasion. Hotels make up to seventy four percent of being chosen for events, which is followed by conference centers and unusual venues.


Word of mouth has been a strong tool for marketing and recommendation. However, this does not stop the professionals from conducting the required research in order to obtain the best deal. There are reviews online which will help the decision maker whether the location is suitable for the requirement and caters to the required needs.


Having a strong relationship with the management and the staff at the location is vital. This will help to understand each place and then decide where you want to have your occasion. You will be able to put your trust into the management so that they will take care of all your needs. You should be able to negotiate the rates as well. this means that you will be able to build a relationship and continue to use the same place for a better rate for personal or corporate events. You will be making the bookings directly with the venue.

Response time

One of the biggest frustrations that the decision maker or an organizer faces is that the response time of the management of the location tends to be very slow which make of fifty one percent of the frustrations when organizing an event.


Technology continues to advance in every aspect which affects all businesses. Factors such as Wi-Fi and having an in-house AV will be important. These facilities should be reliable and should not cause any frustration as well. Wi-Fi is considered to be a key performance facilitator which makes of seventy nine percent.

Type of events

Different types of events attract different individuals from different demographics unless you can attend purely through invitation. Know how to cater and attract these potential guests and always give them something worthwhile to take home back.

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