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Lady Gaga is taking her show on the road this Summer 2014 and onwards to 2015. Check out all her latest USA, European, Australian and every other International tour dates below. Make sure you snap up your tickets before they sell out. Click through on the links below to purchase your tickets. Enjoy whatever show you can make it to, I’ll be there with you screaming my lungs out!!

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Lady Gaga Ticket Information and Tour Date Schedule

Some say she is a myth, some say she is a legend, and some just say that she is the Mother of all Mother MONSTERS!!! Hey guys and gals, welcome to! We are the leading list provider for Gaga tour dates, showing you the schedule for her shows coming up, when they’re happening, where you can get tickets and possibly even where you can get backstage tickets. And we all know you’d love to get your hands on those suckers. Do yourself a big favor and go to one of her shows, you can’t really go wrong. Her outfits can be a little out there at times, she will dress in skimpy clothing and all that nonsense. But the one thing you can’t deny, is she can sing like a bloody LEGEND!!

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Artrave the Art Pop Tour

As lady Gaga’s latest studio album, released on the late November 11, 2013, the Artpop’s album production included several known music personalities such as Dj white shadow, Rick Rubin, Tedd, and Gaga herself. The said album was pre-planned on the artist’s Second release which was the “Born this Way” album. Gaga defined this third album of hers as a celebration and poetic musical journey. Said to be a phenomenon in the pop culture, the Artpop is facing different varieties of feedbacks, some appreciates the artist’s way of expressing herself through her works while some critics opposes to this stating that this is in fact merely an immature and irresponsible modelling stunt. Same goes to Spencer Kornhaber from “The Atlantic” who quoted the album as an “Attention freak’s manifesto” interpreting the product as Gaga’s way of satisfying her own desire of limelight. Either way, Artpop still became number one on the U.S. billboard garnering an estimated sales of 258,000 copies of the Album- taking its second spot for Gaga’s albums that topped in the U.S, with Born this way still taking the first place.

The Artpop differs from the previous album. While Born this way illustrates much darker and mature themes, the Artpop on the other hand portrays more lightly and loose. The lyrics of its songs derived mainly from Gaga’s personal point of view in different subject matters like fame, love, feminism, gender, self esteem, drugs, media and a whole lot of other topics that is strictly prohibited for children. The songs also borrow inspiration from the Greek and Roman Mythology. The famous “Birth of Venus” painting even took a part on a song created. The Artpop is not like any of Gaga’s previous albums, in fact, it is not like any other artists’ album. The usual album is bought on a Music store with a bunch of the artist’s new songs all packed together into one compact disk; Artpop, like most of Gaga’s spectacular outfits created a different approach- the album is only sold in soft copy as an application; well, the Artpop app is actually free in every app store to Lady Gaga’s fans- it’s the songs that they need to pay in order to listen, making Artpop serve as a music player exclusively for Lady Gaga’s songs. Through Artpop, Gaga fans will be able to get updated and informed to the singer’s recent songs and happenings.