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Guess Whatttt??? Lady Gaga is touring in 2014 and 2015. Check out all her latest USA tour dates below. International tour dates to countries like Australia, United Kingdom and Japan are coming, I will post them as soon as they become available. Click through on the links below to purchase your tickets. Enjoy the show!!

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Lady Gaga Ticket Information and Tour Date Schedule

Lady Gaga Artrave Tour Dates

Some say she is a myth, some say she is a legend, and some just say that she is the Mother f**king MONSTER!!! Hey guys and gals, welcome to! We are the leading list provider for Gaga tour dates, showing you the schedule for her shows coming up, when they’re happening, where you can get tickets and possibly even where you can get backstage tickets. And we all know you’d love to get your hands on those suckers. Do yourself a big favor and go to one of her shows, you can’t really go wrong. Her outfits can be a little out there at times, she will dress in skimpy clothing and all that nonsense. But the one thing you can’t deny, is she can sing like a bloody LEGEND!!

Do I know where you can view her full schedule of tour dates? Of course I do, just check the side bar out, I’ve got them neatly listed in order from the most recent to the least. If you want to find tickets to Gaga in Seattle, Winnipeg, Houston, Los Angeles and so on, well… We’ve got you covered. We know where to find the best deals, the best steals and the best seats, because we’ve been to so many concerts before and know when we see a good deal. You’ll be the first to know of course. Cause we post them up here.

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